Tau (MAPT) Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody [Clone ID: R07-8H4]

Supplier Origene

$411.69 / 100 ul
Applications : Western Blot
Reactivity : Human / Rat
Conjugate/Tag : Unconjugated
Host: : Rabbit

Swiss-Prot Acc.P10636.Promotes microtubule assembly and stability, and might be involved in the establishment and maintenance of neuronal polarity. The C-terminus binds axonal microtubules while the N-terminus binds neural plasma membrane components, suggesting that tau functions as a linker protein between both. Axonal polarity is predetermined by TAU/MAPT localization (in the neuronal cell) in the domain of the cell body defined by the centrosome. The short isoforms allow plasticity of the cytoskeleton whereas the longer isoforms may preferentially play a role in its stabilization.

  • Protein names Microtubule-associated protein tau
  • Protein alternative names Neurofibrillary tangle protein, Paired helical filament-tau, , ,
  • Conjugate/tag Unconjugated
  • Catalog Number TA384749
  • Isotype IgG
  • Storage format 50mM Tris-Glycine(pH 7.4), 0.15M NaCl, 40% Glycerol, 0.01% Sodium azide and 0.05% BSA
  • Clonality Monoclonal
  • Accession numbers P10636
  • Gene target MAPT
  • Clone R07
  • Datasheet https://cdn.origene.com/datasheet/ta384749.pdf
  • MSDS https://cdn.origene.com/sds/ta384749.pdf
  • Shipping handling time 28 days

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