JUN (c-Jun ) monoclonal antibody

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$168.00 / 25 ul
$398.00 / 100 ul
Applications : Western Blot / Immunohistochemistry
Reactivity : Mouse / Rat / Human
Conjugate/Tag : Unconjugated
Host: : Mouse

This gene is the putative transforming gene of avian sarcoma virus 17. It encodes a protein which is highly similar to the viral protein, and which interacts directly with specific target DNA sequences to regulate gene expression. This gene is intronless and is mapped to 1p32-p31, a chromosomal region involved in both translocations and deletions in human malignancies. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]

  • Protein names Transcription factor Jun
  • Protein alternative names Activator protein 1, Proto-oncogene c-Jun, Transcription factor AP-1 subunit Jun, V-jun avian sarcoma virus 17 oncogene homolog, p39
  • Immunogen Full length human recombinant protein of human JUN (NP_002219) produced in E.coli.
  • Conjugate/tag Unconjugated
  • Antibody type Primary Antibody
  • Catalog Number MB63692
  • Clonality Monoclonal
  • Accession numbers P05412
  • Gene target JUN
  • Datasheet http://www.bioworlde.com/pdf/MB63692.pdf
  • MSDS http://www.bioworlde.com/MSDS/MSDS.pdf

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