All CD19 B-lymphocyte antigen CD19 antibodies

CD19 is a transmembrane protein that is expressed in all B lineage cells in humans. It is also known as B-lymphocyte antigen CD19, CD19 molecule (Cluster of Differentiation 19), B-Lymphocyte Surface Antigen B4, T-Cell Surface Antigen Leu-12 and CVID3. CD19 plays an important role in clinical oncology as it is a hallmark of B-cells and has been used to diagnose cancers that arise from this type of cell - notably B-cell lymphomas.
CD19 was first identified as the B4 antigen of human B lymphocytes through the use of anti-B4 monoclonal antibody (mAb) against CD19. It is specifically expressed in normal and neoplastic B cells, as well as follicular dendritic cells. The CD19 antigen has been used to diagnose leukemia and lymphoma.

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